Friday, October 18, 2013

Tea, anyone?

Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable 
than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. 
~Henry James,The Portrait of a Lady, 1880

* * *

In the most recent Tea Cup/Mug Exchange hosted by 
Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose
I received some yummy goodness from Debbie Harris, 
who just happens to be the mother of our delightful Stephanie!

These lovely gifts came in a beautiful matching box (pictured below).

I adore this cup and saucer with sweet roses, trimmed in a delicate gold. 
The saucer has a little scallop to the edge that makes it ripple with beauty!

Can I just say that I ♥♥♥ Raspberry Jam?!
Oh yeah. My favorite.

I made an English Muffin to go with my tea but before I made it out the door 
for the photo shoot I just had to taste it with the jam... picture with the muffin because it was THAT good!

This Vail Breakfast Tea is excellent with a tiny bit of sugar and cream! 
I am going to be on the lookout for some loose leaf tea 
so I can use this adorable heart shaped tea infuser.
Isn't it cute?!

Also included was a jam spoon, recipe card with a recipe for the 
Best Ever Biscuits, a flower shaped cookie cutter and a booklet on Tea!
I haven't made the biscuits yet but I plan on trying 
them when I can stay on my feet longer. 
And the cookie cutter is going to make the cutest sugar cookies!

The picture doesn't do this tea cup justice!
I ♥ it!!!

Thank you, Debbie, for my lovely gift! It is perfect for me :)

And thank you, Stephanie, for putting all of this together. 
You are a blessing and a sweetheart!

* * *

Hop on over to see all the participants and gifts exchanged.

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  1. Oh Anne,
    You tea cup is beautiful! I love all that red. And what a cute idea to send jam and a recipe. I'll have to remember that one. Thank you so much again for all of my lovely gifts. I'm hoping to grab a blankie and my new book sometime today. It's snowing here today! A good day to keep the fire roaring and enjoying a nice cup of hot tea!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Oh Anne, what lovely gifts! I received the jam from Debbie last time around and it is my favorite, too. She sent me the recipe and I've since made a batch. Your teacup is gorgeous and you will think of Debbie whenever you use it. Stephanie is such a dear to coordinate all this, isn't she? Enjoy your new gifts!

  3. Such a lovely box of gifts! Your tea cup is soooo pretty, wonderful color and design. How special to receive homemade raspberry jam.

  4. What a beautiful box of goodies. The tea-cup is gorgeous and I love that shape. Raspberry jam is a favorite here, too. May I suggest Margaret's Hope for a loose tea. It is fruity and delicious. You can read about it on my post, today. Enjoy your lovely gift. Deb

  5. Oh my, I received a tea cup exactly like that :)))) What a neat idea to add jam as well.

  6. What a lovely tea cup! I love the tea ball (I'm partial to loose teas). I agree with you about the raspberry jam. One of my personal favorites, as well!

  7. goodness the whole idea is gorgeous but I do love the cup and saucer combo, the heart shaped tea strainer is fabulous and aren't you a lucky one, all of that in one beautiful box ;-). oh and the crocheted circle on your favourite jam jar is stunning...trés classe!!! your montage super!

  8. Mmm...there is nothing like that raspberry jam! My mom is always giving me jam since I go through a jar every week :) Dearest Anne, your gifts are so nice and I love the Vail Tea - you know, Vail is where my dad and mom met. My dad was skiing on Vail Mountain while my mom was a chair lift operator. According to my mom, my dad was showing off for her as he skied down the hill and according to my dad, he was just skiing like he always does....sure dad :) Either way, they caught each other's attention.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your items - they truly are lovely! Much love to you, friend!

  9. What a wonderful tea cup! I would want to have a "spot of tea" every single day!!! :-D
    And how dang cute is that doily on the jam jar!!??!!??!!??!!
    You are one lucky lady!

  10. Hi and wow how beautiful is your tea cup! I love it and the jam must of been so yummy! What a fun exchange.
    Julie @

  11. hi Anne,
    Your tea cup is really beautiful, I bet that jam is delicious, and I also love the pictures you made. Nice shots.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Laura ;-)

  12. This is the sweetest cup! The shape is so dainty and I always love roses on anything. I have never heard of Vail tea but I'm always ready to try something new. Raspberry jam -- I can understand why the muffin didn't make it to the photo session! So nice to meet you today! Linda

  13. Oh raspberry jam...yummy! Your pix are lovely and do all these goodies justice. So fun to meet all the people who joined in for Stephanie's fun. Her mom is just as sweet as she is.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Well... Hello Dear Ann,
    I have been cutting in and out of the offce trying to get a glimpse of all the ladies precious tea cups and mugs, and the night is nearly over. Our fridge is about to go "belly-up" again! While my husband goes out to the garage for another tool I quickly run into the computer for another look.
    I was delighted when Stephanie told me that I was to send my tea cup to you! Here you are all laid up after foot surgery, how I would love to be able to care for you, that is my greatest joy. I may not be able to care for you, but I sure can pray for you. So, please know that you are in my daily prayers.

    I am pleased that you love all your goodies. :) Do enjoy them. Your photography is amazing!! Just beautiful.

    I believe Stephanie should make this her ministry. It has been a real delight getting to know such lovely ladies. As you know I do not have a blog, but I just love visiting blogs through her. Computers and I are not the best of friends, so I am slow getting around. I will be back to visit you again. Take care and be well soon.
    By the way, how did you know I was Stephanie's mother? :)

    Blessings to you!

  15. The tea cup is so pretty and oh, I would love that raspberry jam. What a cute way to package it! Enjoy!

  16. What lovely gifts, Anne! You hit the jackpot in this wonderful exchange! Congratulations!

  17. What a lovely package you received! That teacup is spectacular and the jar of jam with the doily is just precious. I know it will be tasty too! Have a blessed week ahead! Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  18. What a beautiful teacup. It's not surprising how lovely Stephanie is -- she has a lovely mom. It's been a terrific experience being part of the mug and teacup exchange.

  19. I love the red design on your beautiful tea cup. Your photos are so pretty, I want to sit down and enjoy your tea party! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog :)

  20. what a wonderful thing to swap. I collect teacups and this is such a sweet one. So happy you shared this at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop last week. Hope to see you link up again this week! ♥


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