Friday, February 14, 2014

Random 5 Friday {Snow}

Happy Valentine's Day!
“Anne came dancing home in the purple winter twilight across the snowy places.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I didn't exactly dance across the snow yesterday but I did get out and take a few pictures early in the morning. That's when it is the quietest. The silence is beautiful, as is the scenery. 

1. With nearly 6 inches on the ground, the chickens didn't want to venture out into the run for pictures so I was destined to only get the beauty of the snow clinging to the chicken wire. 

2. The first decent snowfall in 3 years entices my husband outside to make a snowman. Once my son joined him, it turned into a Snow Ork with a weapon and earbuds. The scarf is one I have had since the early 1970s. Obviously, it only comes out for this purpose.

3. The tree line was so beautiful. They look like they were dipped in ice. It only lasted the day and then the sun came out and in an instant it disappeared from the branches.

4. The cardinal that lives in the fig bush was delighted I filled the feeder for him. He flitted around all day, eating his fill. He makes such a pretty pop of color. 

5. I made sure the hummingbird feeder was empty before the storm hit because I figured it would freeze and crack it. Isn't it lovely, though? So frosty looking. 

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Could I ask a favor? If any of you collect china or tea cups, would you mind popping over to my post Friends and Tea Cups and let me know if you recognize the pattern on the tea cup? My friend gave it to me and we don't know the name of the manufacturer or pattern. If you do recognize it, please leave me a comment on the post and let me know. Thanks!


  1. The snowman looks rathr spiffy in that colourful scarf and the cardinal is so handsome!

  2. i love the snowman, cardinal & i love, love, love Anne of Green Gables. so fun!! loved our visit to Montgomery home in Canada when we were there. ( : Happy <3 Day!! ( :

  3. I can not help identifying the tea cup but I do know there are antique books solely towards tea cups. Antique Road show, if they stop nearby, can also help with identifying it. It is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful snowy photos of your place -- enjoyed the snowman. :)

  5. Snow makes everything so pretty. Love the snowman. B

  6. Gorgeous cardinal and I like the snowman. Beautiful snowy photos -- so silent and peaceful! Happy Friday.

  7. The snowman does look like an Orc :) Love the shot of the hummingbird feeder.

  8. Stopping by on R5F. I love the Snow Orc! He's funny. Oh and the rest of your pics are marvelous too...

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  9. Neat set of wintery pictures, Anne. I really like the bird feeder shot.

    Hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day.

  10. The red scarf was the perfect pop for your snowman! I love that feeder- where did you find it? Have a wonderful Vantine's Day!

  11. Poor old chickens, staying in bed.

  12. Lovely winter scenes! I haven't made a snowman yet this year.

  13. I have not made a snowman in ages...could have easily with all the snow we have had. I like the idea of earbuds for one.

  14. LOL
    I haven't built a snowman in ... forever!!!! It's not like we don't have snow ...
    Love the cardinal shot.
    Have a toasty weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  15. Smart chickens. Snow Orc? LOLOLOL!! That's awesome. Absolutely love the cardinal shot.
    Visiting from R5F

  16. I don't blame those chickens. I'm pretty "chicken" myself about going out in the snow. Thankfully ours has melted. You got some great shots though and the snow creature is fun. Your cardinal is gorgeous.

  17. It has been a heavy snowfall winter here too along with lots of cold temperatures. Like you though, I am finding lots of beauty between my shivers! I really love your fence photo - interesting perspective.

  18. Great shot of that cardinal! I'm enjoying the heavy snowfall this winter. Makes me giggle when I walk out and I can't see over the snowbanks to the road! Change of seasons is good for the soul! Aloha


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