Thursday, January 19, 2023

Review ~ I'm Not Charlotte Lucas by Kasey Stockton

Paperback240 pages
Expected publication: February 7th 2023 by Covenant Communications

Northern California girl Charlotte “Charlie” Lucas has two great loves: Diet Coke and Pride and Prejudice. But her passion for Regency classics is tempered by a very real fear: Charlie is terrified of having to endure the fate of her namesake—spinsterhood. Despite her best attempts to maintain a modern sensibility, she can’t say no when an elderly neighbor asks Charlie to attend a charity ball with her grandson. Blind date or not, Charlie is powerless to resist the allure of a real-life ball. Soon it’s clear that she will struggle to resist the charms of her blind date too.

Liam Connell is every bit the swoon-worthy leading man, straight out of Charlie’s daydreams. But he’s completely unattainable—his last girlfriend was a gorgeous actress and a far cry from Charlie’s world. So after a magical evening with Liam, Charlie is ready to get back to reality, even if her best option right now is a former boyfriend who wants to give it another shot. Unfortunately, despite imagining she’ll never see Liam again, he seems to be everywhere. How is a lady to move past a fantasy when life suddenly seems to be imitating fiction to an alarming degree?


My Review 4 STARS

Charlotte (Charlie) Lucas is filled with insecurities so at almost age 27 she is feeling much like one of the characters in Pride and Prejudice that she is named after. Charlie has only ever dated a "Mr Collins" so with no hope of finding her own "Mr Darcy", she agrees to a blind date with her neighbors grandson, Liam. Low and behold he is tall, dark, and handsome, and she figures with his job and connections in Hollywood he is out of her league. But she sure feels a spark of attraction to him and much to her surprise, he feels the same way toward her. Working through feelings of inadequacy leads Charlie on an enlightening discovery about self with her own "Mr Darcy" by her side.

Fans of Austen will undoubtedly enjoy this delightful rom-com from Stockton. She is a talented wordsmith. I'm Not Charlotte Lucas is a clean contemporary romance that makes for a fun and diverting afternoon read. 

I received an electronic copy from the publisher through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.


Have you read any of Kasey Stockton's books? I've read most of her Regency's and loved them. I was delighted to find that she is just as talented writing contemporary romance. Click over to her book list in case you want to go in search of a good, clean read.


I know I've been off the radar for a while but the holidays proved to have many distractions, mostly a grandbaby that many of y'all know about. He is 10 months old now and walking!!! He spends a lot of time with us but I hope to have a better handle on time management this year so I can have more time to sew, craft, read, etc.