Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Review ~ Authentically, Izzy by Pepper Basham

I missed launch day yesterday because I was loving on our sweet little 8 month old grandson but I do want to encourage any of you who have read epistolary novels to definitely give this newest from Pepper Basham a go!!! I absolutely loved it!!! 

About the Book

“Dear Izzy—I feel certain there’s a book-loving man living relatively nearby waiting to speak bookish to you ’til death do you part. You just haven’t met yet.”

Izzy Edgewood is a wannabe bookstore owner, quote queen, and Lord of the Rings nerd who has been waiting for Prince Charming to sweep her off her sneakered feet. But it’s hard to meet people when you spend more time with fictional humans than real ones. Which is why her pragmatist cousin Josephine decides to take Izzy’s future into her own meddling hands and create an online dating profile for the hopeful romantic.

To Izzy’s shock (and suspicion), Josie’s plan works. Soon, she’s dialoguing with a Hobbit-loving man named Brodie who lives in a small town an ocean away from her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But is their shared love of books, family, and correspondence enough to overcome Izzy’s fear of flying and the literal distance between them? And is a long-distance relationship even worth considering when a local author has been frequenting the library where she works and is proving to be a perfectly fine gentleman?

In this epistolary novel from award-winning author Pepper Basham, bookish dreams and happily-ever-afters collide to create a beautiful sort of magic that’s even better than fiction.


My Review 5 STARS

I have seen glimpses of Basham’s humor for years in her stories but I was unprepared for the level of wittiness that she has produced in Authentically, Izzy. Outstanding is all I can say.

A long time fan of epistolary novels, this one utterly delighted me with its fast pace, charming characters, and entertaining plot. I waited on pins and needles for the proverbial ball to drop and when it did I found myself muttering to Brodie and Izzy about how stupid they had been/were being. But of course without this tension the whole time it wouldn’t be any fun to read.

If you are looking for your imagination to be captivated by solid imagery, character growth, family dynamics and faraway lands, look no further than Authentically, Izzy. While much of it is written communication—texts and emails—there is plenty of face time (see what I did there ha-ha) between Brodie and Izzy and his family which adds an extra dimension to the story. The descriptions are so vivid I had no problem visualizing anything.

I highly recommend this book to Basham fans and fans of contemporary romance that enjoy epistolary style novels.

I received an electronic copy from the author with no expectation of a positive review.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Review ~ The Sisters of Sea View (on Devonshire Shores Book 1) by Julie Klassen

Paperback448 pages
Expected publication: December 6th 2022 by Bethany House Publishers

About the Book

When their father’s death leaves them impoverished, Sarah Summers convinces her sisters to open their seaside home to guests to provide for their ailing mother. Emily and Georgiana agree, but Viola, who wears a veil to cover a scar, detests the idea. Determined to stay together, the sisters begin the new venture. Instead of the elderly invalids they expect, however, they find themselves hosting eligible gentlemen. Sarah is torn between a growing attraction to a mysterious Scottish widower and duty to her family. Meanwhile, the new situation exposes Viola’s scars--both the visible and those hidden deep within--and her cloistered heart will never be the same.


My Review 4 STARS

There are many nods to Jane Austen’s classic novels in this latest accomplishment from award winning author Julie Klassen. Delightful words of wonder grace the pages of The Sisters of Sea View in a gentle yet engrossing manner. There is a slow pace to this story that rings true to the time period while exerting just enough adventure to keep readers turning pages. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, perhaps this one will offer you several hours of diversion from life’s cares. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the lives and loves of The Sisters of Sea View. I received an electronic copy from the publisher through Netgalley with no expectation of a favorable review.