Sunday, November 5, 2023

Short Review ~ Bride by Beguilement (Moonlight and Magnolia Series Book 2) by Debbie Lynne Costello

Kirsten Macleod is in a bind. Her father’s last will and testament stipulates that she must either marry, lead the plantation into a first year profit, or forfeit it to her uncle. But marriage is proving no easy option. Every suitor seems more enamored with the land than with her. Until her handsome neighbor sweeps into her stable to the rescue… of her beloved horse.

Silas Westbrook’s last year at veterinary school ends abruptly when he is called home to care for his young orphaned sisters. Troubles compound when he finds an insurmountable lien on the only home they’ve ever known, and the unscrupulous banker is calling in the loan. The neighbor’s kind-hearted and beautiful stable girl, Krissy, provides the feminine influence the girls desperately need. If only he had a future to offer her. But to save his sisters from poverty, he should set his sights on Krissy’s wealthy relative Kirsten Macleod, the elusive new heiress. Surely this hard-working and unassuming young lady and the landowner could not be one and the same?


My Short Review ~ 4 STARS

The characters brought out all kinds of emotions for me which made the story engaging. Costello is an excellent wordsmith and brings a unique dynamic to her historical novels. Pick one up today!


Review ~ Julia Monroe Begins Again (Beignets for Two #1) by Rebekah Millet

Julia Monroe has just turned forty and hopes this next decade goes much better than the last, in which she became a young widow raising two children on her own. With both her boys off to college, it's time for new beginnings, and she can finally focus on expanding her New Orleans-based cleaning business--but God has other plans. Samuel Reed, the ruggedly handsome Green Beret who broke her heart over twenty years ago, has returned to town and is the kind of distraction she never saw coming.

After their first interaction in years leaves her mind spinning and her emotions out of control, Julia knows she needs to keep her distance from him if she wants any chance of keeping history from repeating itself, but her meddling best friend has other plans to throw them together. It seems inevitable that Julia will have to face her past with Samuel, but only if she can work up the courage to embrace the kind of new beginning she never thought she'd see again.


My Review ~ 3 STARS

As much as I wanted to love this contemporary rom-com, I just didn’t. Julia grated on my nerves. Her behavior toward Sam was too much like a resentful and grudge-filled middle school girl. He was a genuine repentant grown man being constantly judged for past behavior. There are plenty of one-liners that are notable but they just didn’t make up for how I felt about Julia. I’m definitely in the minority on this one so don’t take my word. Read it for yourself.

I appreciate the publisher allowing me to review the book through Netgalley. My opinion is my own. No compensation received.