Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures come from Joy

 Most often I get up and hit the floor "running", making breakfast for DH, packing his lunch, laundry by 5:30am, and I MUST get to the computer to check email, blogs, etc. This morning as I was folding some of that laundry I started thinking about the pleasant smell, or lack thereof today, of fabric softner and I started making a mental list of things that bring me simple pleasures.

breathing deep and sighing with pleasure...

~ fabric softner
~ Spring breezes
~ billowing curtains
~ fresh coffee
~ baby kisses
~ warm sheets
~ grosgrain ribbon
~ hot water
~ birds chirping
~ boy hugs
~ good books
~ fresh eggs
~ roosters crowing
~ holding hands
~ flowers blooming
~ red hair
~ sweet friends
~ patterned paper
~ blue eyes

That last one is for my sweet son who has the most beautiful blue eyes, just like his daddy!

None of these things would bring me such simple pleasure if I didn't first have a personal relationship with Christ. He is my first and foremost joy, and Joy comes from the Lord! Thanking Him today for life's Simple Pleasures.

Have a blessed and joyful day in the Lord!

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