Friday, May 20, 2011

Another one to read

Book Description

Mark is in his garden, grieving and depressed over the unexplained death of his son and without knowing it, is almost coaxed by a demon into committing suicide. But, at the last moment Sotare, an angel, rescues him and is later permitted to appear to Mark in the Garden. The two dialogue about God, life, death, good, evil, the spiritual realm, and the nature of truth. However, all is not well. The demons are watching and powerful evil forces are sent to kill and destroy those who are close to Mark and those who are praying for him. As Sotare teaches Mark, he is given answers to his questions -- but they do not come easily. He must face his greatest challenge in order to learn his greatest lesson. The battle over Mark unfolds in both the spiritual and physical worlds as angels are sent to battle against the evil forces that are seeking to destroy. True victory is never easy.
This is the book my son is reading right now and he can't say enough about it so far! He is constantly saying, "Mom, let me read you this!" I guess I will have to read this book :)
Some quotes he's read to me so far:
(they are all from the angel Sotare speaking to Mark)
  "The standard of what is good is not found in humanity. It is found in God because God is absolute and unchanging. He is the standard by which good and bad are judged. Anything that deviates from Him is not good. It would follow then that the average persons sense of right and wrong is skewed because it is based on his own preferences or the particular moral direction that society happens to have at the time."

"The wise seek truth, no matter what it is. The foolish hide from it and seek their own comfort, or try to distort truth to suit their own desires. Don't be a fool."

"People don't like that God allows bad to happen, so they complain. They have no problem accepting good from God, but they reject the adversity he may send. Yet, both are part of God's plan. A plan that is infinitely complex and old."

It's only available on Kindle, but you can download Kindle for PC and read it even if you don't have an e-reader! Click here to go to Amazon.

Stay tuned for his review @ ThePaynefulPoet.

Also, check out my daughters funny post today @ MamaJava.
(I don't know where she gets the sarcasm from)
Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. Sounds like an interesting one. Reflective.... :O)

  2. This is not what I normally would read, but if I want to be able to discuss it with him...we sort of have our book club duo ;~)


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