Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update and Book Review

Regretfully, I am on round two of flu-like symptoms (but not the flu :)) and haven't even felt like reading! I am so behind on my reviews it's not funny. A sweet friend, who is also a book lover and avid reader, sent me a message on FB asking me if I had read a book she was reading. I told her I haven't gotten to this one yet but to let me know how she liked it.  When she finished she sent me her thoughts so I asked her to write a review and let me post it on here and she graciously said she would do that; so here it is!

Yesterday's Tomorrow

by Catherine West

Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

YESTERDAY'S TOMORROW caught me completely by surprise; it is a fabulous read. Considering that this is Catherine West's first novel, the depth of its characters and their emotional struggles are equally heartbreaking and triumphant. Even though the story line is heavier on the romance than the intrigue, the future potential for her story lines to balance her characters is definitely there if she continues to write.

Using the Vietnam war as a backdrop, this book delves into the multiple layers of pain and struggle that anyone associated with this war must have experienced. The redemptive power of God's love, the healing salve of the Holy Spirit's peace and the magnitude of Christ's forgiveness make Luke and Kristen's story unforgettable for the reader. West leaves several characters available for a sequel and I for one, hopes that she writes it.

Thanks, Rebecca!

Has anyone else read this book? If so, what did you think?

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  1. Oh, what a nice review! Thanks so much, Anne and Rebecca! I definitely have some ideas for a sequel to Yesterday's Tomorrow, so you never know! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Cathy! I can't wait until I feel better and get caught up on my reading so I can definitely read this one! It sounds like one I would definitely enjoy. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Thanks, Evangeline! It's much worse this second time :(

  4. The review was very well written. It made me quake in my shoes since my son is still serving in the army and still may go to war overseas again. The book itself, per review, sounds like it would be a great read too, though it may take till my son is no longer in the army before I can be brave enough to read it.

    Sorry you are not well, Anne. I just hate it when I feel bad enough I can't even read a book while I'm down! I can sympathize with you for sure. Hope you are on your feet soon.


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