Friday, September 28, 2012

Missing Pictures....

Don't panic...that's what I am telling myself. I moved all of my book blogging back here to blogger a few weeks ago. I'm happy with that move (one less thing to try and keep up with right now). Then the day came to actually delete the Wordpress blog. That was easy but what I didn't realize was that once that was done, all the pictures in my blogger posts would disappear!

Just call me "duh"...I keep saying that, I know. But I really am technically challenged :) So, over the next few weeks I will be going back and trying to find all the photos I used and re-uploading them, then re-posting them on the correct blog posts.

Until then, there are missing pictures in most of my book posts.


  1. Oh that is scary.I am also technically challenged. B

    1. I wish there was easier way to get them all back but I have caused quite a problem for myself!


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