Monday, October 20, 2014

A New Beginning

I can't believe I am starting a photography blog.

I have always had a passion for photography; since I was a small child, really. My older brother was a photographer and I used to sit on a chair in his darkroom when he would mix the chemicals needed to develop the film.

It was the coolest thing to see those images appear, as if by magic, onto the paper. I'm not a naturally patient person, but I could sit there and wait with expectation for quite a while.

I remember getting my first point and shoot. Lots of silly pictures were taken with my boyfriend (now my husband), and later our children. I still have most of them packed away in drawers and boxes.

Now that the digital age is here, I use a bridge camera and my photos are stored on multiple SD cards, thumb drives and discs. I think right now I have over 18,000 images on my computer. Most of those never get edited because they aren't very good.

Why do I save them? I'm not really sure. I guess in one way, they are a part of me. My journey. It changed in 2012 when my oldest child passed away. I needed an outlet, an escape. I needed to know that God was still there in the midst of my sorrow. When I walked out into the world with my camera, I could see beauty where I thought there were only ashes.

Life began to have meaning again. The sun rising over the treetops warmed my skin and my soul, and I wanted to capture the moment, hold on to it. So I took a picture. Then another and another.

I joined a FB photography group (Take 52) after watching a video tutorial explaining how to use my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix P510. That's right. No DSLR yet, but I have a dream of owning one someday. This has been a great group for learning and stretching my skills. Enough so that I have gained the courage to start this blog and share my passion for nature, for the glorious beauty God created!

Hence the name, HIS I see it.

I discovered I enjoy making graphics from my photos, too.


I really just want to share the beautiful world around me, the things I see everyday, whether they be fantastic or strange.

Until next time...


  1. Good luck with the blog Anne! I'm so glad you get something from Take52 :)

  2. Thanks, Ingrid! I'm so glad I found your blog two years ago. You have been a terrific mentor for this photography enthusiast :)

  3. I really like your graphics. Thank you, Anne. I have a Nikon Coolpix S3300 I carry with me ~ forgetting I have it... I enjoy your photos. Kathleen

  4. Thank you, Kathleen! I always enjoy your encouraging comments:)

  5. Hi Anne. I found your new blog through The Barn Collective today. Welcome to our world of blogging. I've been blogging for 4 years and started out as you did, with a camera as a child, but, am using digital now and love it. I also do graphics with scriptures once in a while. I love to share the beauty in God's world too! Have a blessed day. Pamela

  6. Thank you, Pamela! I'm so glad we've connected thru Amy's blog. I love barns and all things rural. Sounds like we have some things in common. :)

  7. Yay! I am looking forward to seeing what you have to share. The photos you posted on your other blog were always great. Keep all those photos and back them up so they aren't lost.

  8. Yes, I need to do some backing up again. I'm trying to decide what method to use. I can't really afford an online one like Carbonite, and the 'free' ones only allow so much memory. What do you use, Amy?

  9. Blessed to walk this road with you Anne. God goes before you.

  10. Kelly, You are such an encouragement! I'm honored the Lord has brought us together to walk side by side as sisters-in-Christ :)


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