Friday, November 7, 2014

A Tree, a Smart Phone, and an App

I was playing around with a new editing App called Aviary that I downloaded for my smart phone. Using the same photo, I tried several effects.

tree originalLRwm

^^^This ^^^is the original, which I seriously don't think came out bad at all. I just have a hard time not experimenting. :)

There is a subtle difference using the Lucky effect; sort of like cross processing.


The sepia tone effect, Boardwalk, makes it look sort of old and western-y.


Using the Sentosa effect and decreasing the saturation, gives this one a bit of a chilly feel to it.


To give it a more dramatic look, I used Metropolis, which is their version of a B&W effect.

The App has lots of features to choose from. And you can share on multiple social networks once you're finished editing.

Once I was done, I emailed them to myself, opened them in Picmonkey and watermarked them. I could have done this in Aviary because it has Text ability, but I needed a bit of extra to make my text visible. So, in Picmonkey I used a Tape Overlay sent to the back to make my name more visible. Otherwise, it was lost in the grass. :)

Do you edit photos on your smart phone? If so, which program do you prefer?


  1. Hey there, friend! What a great App! If I had a smart phone I would defintiely use these great effects, but I don't even have a simple cell phone (my choice). Anyway, I really like the 'Boardwalk' effect.

    Have a blessed Sunday! Hugs xoxo

  2. Hey Stephanie, I kind of like the Boardwalk effect, too. It appeals to the historical/western fiction lover in me :) Thanks for commenting. Have a blessed Sabbath!

  3. I have heard about this app / looks like fun!!! ( :

  4. Hi Beth, I am really enjoying this App more than Instagram. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. Have a blessed Sabbath!


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