Friday, May 15, 2015

A Gorgeous Spring Day

Weather-wise, it's been a beautiful spring as far as temperatures are concerned. Some years it seems like winter just runs right in to summer but not this year. Cool breezes and lazy days tooling around the yard. With the windows open, I wake every morning to the sound of the frogs, crickets, chickens and birds rejoicing in the sun coming up.

On May 9th, my son discovered these two eggs in a flower basket that I took out of the chicken coop and hung on the edge of our deck swing. I had every intention of planting something in it but it looks like it has made a safe nest for a Mockingbird family.

Then on Monday May 11th, they hatched! 

Aren't they the cutest?!
And boy does that one have a big mouth. Must be super hungry. :)

Moma bird was watching me from a telephone wire as I made the picture of her babies. As soon as I was done, she flew right down there to give them a tasty worm, as evidenced in the bottom left photo. 

Well, sort of. She had it in her mouth but it didn't show up well in the photo.

And as I was out strolling through the yard, I took some pictures of the different flowers and vines blooming. Above Moma bird is some sweet smelling Honeysuckle. On the top right are my Sweet Williams. I just love these flowers. They're so colorful and greet me first thing when I open the front door. The top left is some kind of flowering shrub that has a sickeningly sweet smell and I am highly allergic to it. It's pretty but oh my! It causes horrendous sneezing and itching. The only reason they are still there is because more birds nested in them and I hated to whack down their home. But come autumn, when they are all gone....

How is Spring in your area? 

I hope you are enjoying some beautiful weather!

~Have a great day in the Lord~

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  1. What a beautiful gift to be able to watch these wee birds grow. Lucky you. It looks like spring has really arrived at your place.


    1. Hi Diana, We have many birds nest around here but this is the first time that they are basically out in the open. It IS fun watching them grow.

  2. What a lovely post and cute birdies! It's really the nicest time of the year...
    (we have many tulips and my wisteria is blooming now)
    The one bush looks like a honeysuckle, they are smelling very intense.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Hi Mascha, Oh, I wish I had some Wisteria! I think it's lovely.

  3. Prachtig deze jonge vogeltjes ze zijn onverzadigbaar wat eten betreft.

  4. I love sweet william also. It was my grandfather's name and also my step-father's. Our spring has been rather cool and damp this year...but it's still a lot nice than our winter was.

  5. Lovely pictures! Those eggs were beautiful and the chicks adorable! Spring finally arrived in Upstate NY and things are blooming. Planted some pots today and hoping they live!

  6. Those little birds are so cute. Spring has been wonderful here, nice and warm.

  7. cute pics of the birds, always fun to see them hatch.... lovely bouquet you made up! We are having a bit of below normal temps!

  8. Oh Anne, those birds are just too sweet! I am always refreshed after reading your posts and I find it to be a great joy to look at your photos. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. This post will be featured at tomorrow's party. Hugs to you!

  9. Sweet post Anne! Love those baby birds and your pretty flowers. Spring in northern IL has been kind of wet, but the plants and flowers seem to like it. The temps. keep going from high to low. It will be 85 and the next day the temp can be 55. Such a weird spring!

  10. That is extraordinary! And yes, wow that baby bird has the biggest mouth, haha.

    I very much enjoyed the walk with nature in your world, thank you for sharing - and also for your visit and sweet comment.

    Have a lovely week.

  11. Hi there! This is a lovely post, Anne, and it's wonderful to "meet" you through the linkup.
    I enjoy bird watching, too, so I can just imagine how much fun it was to discover your mockingbirds in the basket. Thank you for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful week!

  12. I loved seeing these photos - the eggs were beautiful in themselves and the little birds just darling. How wonderful for you all.


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