Thursday, February 16, 2017

Be gracious to me, O God...

Upon awakening this morning, I reached for my cell phone to check and see if someone I have been trying to reach for over eight days had responded to any of my messages, whether through FB, email or messenger. Okay, you might say overkill on the messaging but I really need to get in touch with this person. It is imperative. Or so I think. And right there is the clincher.

I should have reached for the Word of God first, in order to be prepared for what I would or wouldn't see. But I didn't. And in not doing so, I caused myself all kinds of angst. From the moment I realized there was nothing from this person, nothing, my heart dropped, my stomach started fluttering (and not in a good way), and I became worried and anxious. All things I am not supposed to do! 

Did I immediately reach for my Bible, then?! No. I hurriedly fixed my husband's lunch, ironed his work shirt, and made him breakfast. I usually wait until he has left before starting my devotions and checking messages each day. But I need to reach this person. I really do. Don't I?

After my husband left, did I reach for God's Word? Did I think, now Anne, you know he will calm your fears and encourage you? Nope. I put out a call on my Facebook page for prayer. Prayer for this unreachable person and prayer for me that I would stop worrying. Immediately my FB friends rallied and told me they were praying, even a few of them shared Scripture. It was like a lightbulb came on in a dark room. I had a conversation with myself and it went something like this, "Duh, Anne! Get off the computer and open your Bible. Run to your heavenly Father first before running to your friends!"

And so I did. Open my Bible, that is. And it opened right to Psalm 56. The heading says...

 In God I Trust 

Now that right there is just cool! I didn't have to flip through my Bible looking for just the right Scripture. It just fell open to Psalm 56. Fell. Open. 

As you can see, it's one I have studied before because it is highlighted and underlined and bracketed with a notation about wandering. It might not be talking specifically about my situation today but Y'all, I had wandered. Right out of peace to anxiety. Right out of trusting in God to trusting in myself. I needed to read the entire Psalm but verses 3-4 and 9b-11 struck a chord in my heart and I had to repent of fear and unbelief and not trusting the Lord. As soon as I did, His sweet peace came down to settle me.

 Will I hear from this 'unreachable' person anytime soon? I don't know. I want to but do I really need to? God is so much better at communicating with people than I am. His Holy Spirit will reach out and 'call' this person and when he does, they will answer His call. That's where my focus and prayer needs to be. Not on me hearing from them, but on God 'hearing' from them. 

I was reminded, as I hope you are, to start my day with the One who holds all things and people in His hands. He will never fail us! 

 When I am afraid,
    I put my trust in you.
In God, whose word I praise,
    in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.
Psalm 56:3-4

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  1. God never fails!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Anne.
    Reading your words hit a chord in my own heart. Last night just after going to bed I shared nearly the same thing with my husband, not so much the worry and anxiousness, but the fact of reaching for and reading the Word of God above all else.
    It's so easy to go about our days neglecting the most important part of our lives, God's Word, and filling it up with other STUFF, and when I say stuff, I mean anything that takes the place of God. We can fill in our own blanks where stuff is concerned.
    Your post here has confirmed to me what I believe God is trying to show me in my own walk with Him.
    So, thank you!

    Have a glorious day~

  2. What an awesome post, that made me think about what I also be reaching for first thing in the morning. I don't know if you ever watch Joyce Meyer or are familiar with her but one thing she says from time to time is very similar to what you just said...many of us go to the phone instead of going to the Throne. Blessings!

  3. This struck such a chord for me today. Thank you for sharing Anne! I have had to lay similar things at the foot of the cross, things out of my control. God is certainly able to reach & speak to someone much better than me!!

  4. The Psalms seem to have something for us every time. Lovely post Anne, thank you.

  5. Thank you, my friends! Your comments are encouraging to me. I appreciate each one of you and pray for you! Blessings in Christ Jesus ~

  6. What an uplifting and encouraging post! I've been thinking and praying a lot about worrying and being anxious! Quite a few spiritual writings from the Bible, devotionals and bloggers have touched me on this subject, and now this from you.

    Jesus is our strength when we are weak.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  7. Sweet friend, what a beautiful, refreshing, and wonderfully ecnouraging post. Oh, how easy it is to worry....I must confess that it's a constant battle to not worry and daily I am reminded to rest in the Lord.

    Thank you for this wonderful post, dearest Anne. I trust you are well... I have missed visiting you and your blog and I apologize for being absent from the blogging community. Ah, life is just so busy.

    Much love to you!

  8. As you were saying God hearing from them is such a good message and the fact of trusting. What a great message your post is for me this morning. I'm not waiting on a call or trying to reach someone, but have inner turmoil over something foolish and wrong that I did this past week that may have hurt someone I love very much. Your words are a great reminder that I was feeling unworthy about my actions and not good enough to even be in God's presence. Your words remind that I can trust that it is in God's hands the outcome, and if I need to make amends, he will let me know. Thanks for sharing from your heart. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  9. Your transparency and honesty speak of moments that we have all had in our own lives, Anne, and you just voiced it quite eloquently! It is many times so much easier to take our problems to flesh and blood, rather than the Lord and His Word. So thankful that the Lord was able to come to your heart and bless you in such a special way with Psalms 56, an amazing passage! Many times, when we pray, the Lord doesn't change our circumstance, but He changes us.. and that is pretty amazing to think on that. Praying for you friend, that the Lord helps you through this difficult situation, as only He can!

  10. Letting go of worry is something I struggle with too.


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