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Review ~ Let it Be Me | A Misty River Romance 2 | by Becky Wade


Publication: May 4, 2021 384 Pages, paperback

Having graduated college at 18, Sebastian Grant has continued to leverage his intelligence and determination to become a pediatric heart surgeon. The more accolades he receives, the more he's driven to pursue. Then he meets high school math teacher Leah Montgomery, and his fast-spinning world comes to a sudden stop.

Solving advanced math equations by the age of five, Leah has always wanted to pursue a PhD in mathematics. She willingly put that dream on hold to raise her brother. Now that he is of age, she's set on avoiding any obstacles to her goal--including romance. 

When Leah receives surprising news in the process of taking a test for tracking her ancestry, she asks Sebastian to help her comb through aged hospital records to learn more. Soon his presence isn't so easily ignored. But when Sebastian learns his best friend also has feelings for Leah, he begins to question his resolve to win her. Attaining their deepest desires may require more sacrifices than they ever imagined.


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My Review - 5 STARS!!!

Oh. My. This book is so incredibly good!!! Wade is a master at weaving life issues, faith questions, attraction, heartache and love into the most beautiful mosaic of emotions.

“Since the day we met,” he told her, “all I’ve wanted is to be with you.”

Sebastian Grant is the one that all other heroes are going to have to live up to from this moment on. He is the quintessential wounded hero. He’s guarded, loyal to a fault, and uber focused in his career as a pediatric heart surgeon. Throw in the added perk of him being tall, dark and handsome, and yep, not sure any other character is going to live up to Sebastian. J

Leah Montgomery gets the shock of her life when she receives her DNA results and it is on from there with such a compelling aspect to this story. She’s a genius mathematician so the way she goes about dealing with the news and ferreting out the truth of what happened kept me glued to the pages.

There are many great characters in this story. Wade has truly raised the bar with this one. Let it Be Me is destined for my Top Reads in 2021! 

I received an advanced and unedited copy from the publisher through Netgalley. No compensation received.


  1. Wonderful review! I agree this book is pretty amazing and so far I've thoroughly enjoyed this series. Looking forward to Luke's story!

    1. Thanks! I think will even be one that I actually re-read, and that is rare for me!!

  2. Excellent review, Anne! Becky Wade is one of my MUST read authors!

    1. Thanks, Caryl! BW is absolutely a must read author!!! :-)

  3. This sounds like a good one! I'm a sucker for a good romance/thriller/suspense. I'll try to find her first book in this series and read it first, then this one. My library is great.. I can order pretty much whatever I want and it is delivered there from many libraries over a 3 county area! Love it! Marilyn

    1. Hey Marilyn, It's nice to have a library like that. I hope you enjoy them as much as the rest of us did. :-)


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