Friday, January 20, 2012


I decided to look for another tool to choose winners. I know, most folks use and I usually do too. If you have a lot of entries it seems easy. But, since I only had four entries for the devotional, and I'm too lazy to actually write the names down, cut them out, fold them, AND place them in a hat, I found a program called The Hat on CNET :)

You type the names in, hit shuffle, and it shakes & shuffles those names and when you hit the stop button, you have a WINNER! It even plays a sound, albeit a slightly annoying one. I still like the program and it was free!

Here's the screen shot...




You won The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge gift certificate!

Thank you, ladies for coming by and entering. Stay tuned for more great author interviews, reviews and giveaways!


  1. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. THANK YOU!!!

  2. That's a really neat gadget. Thanks! I like!

  3. Hi Patricia, I like it too. Makes it a little more personal to me. Names not numbers ;)


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