Wednesday, January 11, 2012

♥ My Men ♥

L-R: My youngest son,Samuel Payne, C/CMSgt, CAP; my sweetheart husband of almost 30 years, Jerry; my oldest son, Coan Payne, C/2ndLt, CAP. In their dress uniforms (minus jackets because it was August in this photo) they look handsome, don't they?!

I'm always ready to give a shout out for CAP! They have a fantastic program for boys & girls starting at age 12. This has been one of the finest opportunities for our boys to learn valuable leadership skills and commitment from some very dedicated veterans!
To learn more, go to

As a side note, I have become a sluggard at blogging! 

I am really hoping to change that this year but I need to find my niche'. 

My book blog is over on wordpress @ right now but I'm thinking of moving it back here to blogger. Ease of use mainly :) What do you think? Do any of you follow both? Until then, please come on over and find something to read and maybe win a book!

Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. I just changed mine to self-hosted Wordpress. :D I'm no longer using Sugarpeach, and my new link is I'm enjoying the greater freedom with self-hosting. Only problem is that I've got PLENTY to learn about SQL, PHP, FTP, etc. Didn't have a clue about them until 2 days ago. :D

  2. Hey Evangeline! I have come to the conclusion I am just NOT a techie and the less I have to try and figure out the better. What it boils down to is I am not patient enough to learn the code :)

    I hope you enjoy this new learning experience. I'm sure you'll do fine! Looking forward to seeing your new blog :)

  3. Everything has been okay so far, not smooth-sailing, but at least I haven't crashed my site yet! :D The vague instructions in Wordpress Codex are a headache. Can you believe that it took me 20 min. to find my wp-config.php file? :( Anyway... it has been quite a fun learning curve so far.
    Just curious... which web host and domain name host are you using?

  4. My husband bought my name through his GoDaddy acct so everything is through them. Apparently WordPress has a contract with them now.

  5. I follow both of your blogs, but I'm definitely in favor of moving your book blog to Blogger - it's way easier to customize and it's free. And you'll have Google Friend Connect :)

  6. I'm not techno-savvy so I'm sticking to Blogger, although it is frustrating sometimes, it has been better since moving to Chrome. Finally got my Followers back when I went to Chrome. Anyhoo, I just wanted to say HI!


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