Friday, April 27, 2012

Rescue Me...Repurposed for Rural Thursday

I've been so busy I haven't had time for a "new" Rural Thursday post. This is from August 2011. We are always finding something to rescue out here in the country. 

This beautiful, plump dove flew into my sons bedroom window and knocked herself unconscious! He went out and picked her up so the cat wouldn't get her and placed her on our front porch pillar until she woke up. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of her. She is beautiful!

She wasn't lucid enough to eat.

She's beginning to wake up....

Now she's on her feet!

At this point she had hopped through the iron piece so tried to feed her by hand. 
Nope. Not interested.

She jumped down onto the ground and was all wobbly, and unable to fly yet so he picked her up and took her down to our pear tree and placed her on a high branch. He was so gentle with her! She sat there for a long time before flying away. We were all glad Dirtbag kitty didn't find her first.

I thought of this song afterwards... My son just gave me an eye roll :)

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  1. haha! Great song choice! How sweet he was with the bird! He has a gentle heart!

  2. Had a nuthatch a while back that did the same thing -- ran into my back window and was dazed for about a half a day -- then flew away. :)

  3. what a beautiful dove, lucky you....lucky me. they are so peaceful to be around!!

  4. What a sweet moment of tenderness in your son. I love moments like this! Glad to hear that the dove is off and enjoying this beautiful world! Son saved the day from Mr. kitty. Hooray! Off course I love the song.
    Now a new follower.


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