Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cool Old Building ~ Rural Thursday

My husband and I saw this building as we were driving toward South Mtn.  

What drew my eye? 
The windows! 

And peeling paint!

I love to see these old buildings and I'm so glad that I live in an area where there are so many.

Images are mine. Please don't take them without asking. Not that anyone would want them. I'm just sayin'. 

I'm linked up on Rural Thursday.


  1. Interesting roof line, too. I love the old buildings, too. Always hate to see them torn down.

  2. I love old buildings, wonder if this one was a store? You need to take a photo of the old homestead down the road. I'm amazed it is still standing each time I visit. :-)

  3. Loving those windows as well. Look like they were put in sideways! :)

  4. A charming find. Peeling paint always gets my attention.


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