Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Rainbow of colors

Iris takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow. 
I certainly have a rainbow of Irises in my yard! 
Here's a short tour...

This snowy white Iris resides at the edge of my driveway and I had to put a metal stake in the center of the cluster so no one would drive over it.

Sparkling & beautiful is this stunning peach Iris glistening in the morning sun after a recent rain.

The brightest of them all is this cluster of yellow Irises. 
They love growing in the full sun and showing off against the backdrop of white.

Taking a reprieve during a rain shower, I came upon this honey bee hiding in this delicately framed cream Iris.

And my personal favorite is the lavender Iris. 
They smell exactly like grape soda!

So there you see my rainbow of Irises.

What kind of flowers do you have in your yard?

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  1. You have a wonderful variety of iris. The colors are gorgeous, I love the peach one especially but them I am partial to peach. Thanks for sharing them all with Today's Flowers and enjoy the rest of your week :)

  2. Absolutely stunning - thanks so much for sharing. Irises are often my favorite flower (I'm very fickle and change favorites a lot). :-)

  3. Truly magnificent photography of the gorgeous Iris for Rurality ^_^

  4. Oh how pretty! I love the peach-colored one :) I honestly thought they were always purple (shows you how much I know about flowers) haha. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Wow! I am so loving your irises! Such great colors. Peach is my favorite color for anything but I've never seen a peach iris before.

  6. You really have some beautiful iris growing in your garden!

  7. Your irises are gorgeous. Very beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I love irises. Purple ones have always been my favorite but those peach ones of yours are pretty beautiful too! I may have to go look for some of those. : )

  9. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

    We are just heading into winter here and so it is so nice to see the lovely crisp, clear colours of spring - a lovely reminder of what will be ours again in a few more months.

  10. Oh my, these are amazingly beautiful Iris! The peachy one does steal the show with it's ethereal beauty! You are a wonderful photographer! I do not have any iris in my garden at the time. But there is a nice place not far from here that sells Iris right out of the field. It is time I go and bring home some : )
    Today the sun is actually shining! Yay! I hope you have a lovely day as well.

  11. I love the lavender iris too! Thanks for telling how they smell, as I had no idea and I appreciate the info. Very lovely flowers you have.

  12. No iris yet -- but they are coming. These are lovely Anne.

  13. The honey bee with the creamy yellow...loved this!!

  14. Y<our photos are stunning Anne! Especially the cream iris with the bee so nicely captured! I don't think iris grown in Zone 10, maybe a bit to tropical for them. I do so love the spring flowers! Keep up the beautiful photography.<3

  15. Gorgeous collection...of flowers and photos♫♪ My new website:

  16. I lost all of my Iris to frost these year so it was lovely to see your beauties xo


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