Sunday, August 31, 2014

How Great Thou Art

Going back through my archived posts, I found this one from 2011 and thought I would share it again today. 

Arthur Rice sang a long time ago with The Payne Family from Candler, NC (my husband's family). I found this video of The Kingdom Heirs on YouTube...what a blessing to hear How Great Thou Art sung by this wonderfully gifted Christian man!

Have a blessed Sabbath,



  1. Christopher and I listen to them A LOT! He truly is gifted.

    I think I am, but everyone races out of the room when they KNOW I'm going to sing. (It is beginning to give me a complex.) *sob*

  2. Beautiful, Anne. Thanks for sharing. Most of the things I photograph are here because of this greatness.

    1. Same here, Amy. I am compelled to photograph what the Master has created!


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