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Review ~ Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason - Part 4 by Ronie Kendig

Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason - Part 4 by Ronie Kendig

Synopsis - The Explosive Ending to a Brand-new 5-part Serial Novel!  

It’s Zero hour for Zulu.  They’ve been targeted, hunted, deceived, and betrayed. Zulu is crumbling in their pursuit of justice. Even rifts within the team are tearing them apart.  Téya can’t seem to unravel her bizarre connection with deadly assassin The Turk—and it’s causing her team to question her loyalty.  Annie is unable to focus and sort out her strong feelings for Trace and Sam—and she fears she’ll end up losing them both.  Nuala vows to support Boone, but a devastating tragedy pushes her limits.  And Trace hates sending the team on dangerous missions alone, but there are some secrets he can’t reveal.  In the shocking, explosive finale of Operation Zulu: Redemption, Trace has one last plan to draw the enemy out and take them down—for good. But will it work? Who can they really trust? Ultimately, what price will justice demand? 

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My Review

Shock and awe doesn’t begin to describe the inner workings of Team ZULU and their betrayer. With expert writing skill and some surprising plot twists, Kendig brings full circle this amazingly fast-paced military thriller. Reading this serialization has been like watching a season of 24. I was totally blind-sided by the traitor in the midst. I did not see that one coming. 

I’m fond of all the characters, especially Trace and Annie (love the interaction between them) but another stands out to me. It seems crazy to be enchanted by a character who is supposed to be an enemy, but I am. ‘The Turk’ is one beguiling assassin. We don’t know much about him except he and Téya have been in several violent altercations with each other and now he is a potential love interest! I’m intrigued J

I highly recommend this series to fans of intense contemporary military fiction. I’m anxiously awaiting Season Two, the new missions that ZULU will be sent on, and thinking this really should be made into a TV series. It’s that good.

I was provided a copy from the publisher for review purposes. I am under no obligation to write a positive review, just my honest opinion of the book. No compensation has been received.

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