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Where Two Hearts Meet by Carrie Turansky ~ FREE on Kindle!!!

I read these tea shop novellas and absolutely loved them!
In fact, I've read most of Carrie's books and enjoyed every single one. Of course, it's always best to settle in with a hot cuppa tea, cocoa or coffee, and a snuggly warm blanket if it's cold weather. You'll want to get nice and comfortable because it will be hard to tear yourself away from these sweet stories! ;)

If you aren't familiar with her work, I encourage you to grab your copy of these two novellas (in one collection) that are available FREE on Kindle!

Kindle Edition, 139 pages
Published April 6th 2014 by Flowing Stream Books

Two Sisters, Two Heartwarming Romance novellas

There’s no better place for romance, forgiveness, and second chances than the Sweet Something Teashop.

Tea For Two

Allison Bennett, co-owner of a financially strapped teashop in Princeton, New Jersey, receives a large anonymous check that saves her business. But she has no idea who sent it. Could it be from Peter Hillinger, the wealthy businessman who owns the shop next door and wants to win Allison’s heart? Or is it from Tyler Lawrence, Allison’s old boyfriend, who returns to town claiming a renewed faith and a changed life. Allison doesn’t know whom to trust. Should she follow her head or heart, or is there Someone else who can guide her toward the best path for her future?

Wherever Love Takes Us

After twenty-five years of marriage, Matt and Tessa Malone are struggling to recover financially and rebuild trust following a business failure. Then Matt inherits property in Oregon, and he wants to move the family there to make a fresh start. But Tessa can’t imagine giving up the cozy teashop she co-owns with her sister, or leaving her friends and family in Princeton. Whose dream will they follow, and how much will it cost their family? Can they resolve their differences and rebuild a love that seems lost?

Tea for Two was originally published in Kiss the Bride, and Wherever Love Takes Us was originally published in Wedded Bliss. These two novellas have been expanded, updated, and put together in one book.

You can get your copy FREE on KINDLE!
Always be sure and check the price before you buy! 
I do believe this special ends on Oct 25th! 
Click here for a direct link to Amazon. 

 CARRIE TURANSKY is an award-winning author of thirteen novels and novellas. She has been the winner of the ACFW Carol Award, the Crystal Globe Award, and the International Digital Award, and a finalist for the Inspirational Readers Choice Award and The ACFW Carol Awards and Genesis Contest. She has written contemporary and historical romance, women's fiction, short stories, articles, and devotionals. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband, Scott, who is a pastor, counselor and the author of several parenting books. They have five adult children, whom Carrie homeschooled, and three grandchildren. 

Visit Carrie's website to read more about her and her books.

Stay tuned for her next Edwardian book, Shine Like the Dawn, coming in Feb 2017!

In Edwardian England . . . Can the light of faith and love out shine the darkness of doubt and family secrets?
Maggie Lounsbury lost her parents in a boating accident when she was seventeen. Those she trusted, including her friend Nate Harcourt and his family, seemed to turn their back on her in her time of need, and she hardened her heart against them. Four years later she finds her father’s journal, and what she reads there makes her suspect their deaths might not have been an accident. Maggie sets off on a search to learn the truth and see that justice is carried out for those she loved and lost, even if it means the Harcourts will have to pay the price.

When Nate Harcourt hears his father is dying he returns to Morningside Manor, his family’s estate in Northumberland, to try and make amends. As the only son and heir, he inherits his father’s property and business interests at Clifton Engineering. Hoping to fulfill his father’s dying request, he seeks out Maggie to pay off a debt owed to her late father, but Maggie doesn’t trust Nate and refuses to accept the money or any help from him or his family.

Will Maggie overcome her distrust, reconnect with Nate, and find the answers she is seeking? Can she learn the value of mercy as well as justice? Will she open her heart to faith and take hold of trust and love again?

Visit and follow Carrie's Shine Like the Dawn Pinterest board to see characters, the setting, and inspiration for the story.
~Happy Reading~

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