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Review ~ LYGOS by Ronie Kendig

November 22nd 2017 by Task Force Press
Once nicknamed "Aladdin" by the Nightshade team, Azzan Yasir has found camaraderie--and a new callsign: LYGOS--in his six years with the Nightshade team. When Canyon Metcalfe recruits him to run security for his brother’s gubernatorial campaign, Azzan discovers how quickly long-buried secrets can devastate the best-laid plans. Campaign manager Everly Sinclair has hidden from the limelight since her grandfather’s death. Assuming a nom de plume, she is out to prove her mettle in the contentious world of politics by launching her first candidate during a pre-Christmas event at an exclusive lodge in the mountains. When Everly receives a mysterious envelope, she’s convinced the person who killed her grandfather now has her in his sights. But Azzan is convinced the killer is after him to settle an old score. Shedding their masks may be the deadliest move Azzan and Everly make this Christmas.
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My Review
5 STARS!!!

Whew! I could not put this book down!!! 'Rapid-Fire Fiction' takes on a whole new meaning with LYGOS. Kendig knows how to write edge-of-your-seat military thrillers and heart throbbing, pulse pounding romance and this one explodes on the pages with both! Better have 911 on speed dial, just in case. ;) But seriously, it was exciting to see favorite characters (Canyon Metcalfe, especially) from the past come together and do their magic. Azzan Yasir aka LYGOS, has moves that are fantastical and dizzying and oh, so powerful. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Everly Sinclair is perfect for him. She is strong, focused, and feminine. They are a perfect match.
I am not sure if reading the novella without having read the previous books in the series will have the same satisfaction (I read them all) BUT I do recommend all of Kendig’s books, starting with Nightshade (book one) in the Discarded Heroes series.
They are exciting reads!

~Happy Reading, Y'all~


  1. This book sounds great! Will read it when i get a chance to...

    1. Try and read the others first, if you can. I think it will be more enjoyable that way. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Appreciated. Have a blessed day.

  2. Hi Anne! You are just a tireless reader, and I love that. I want to be more like that. I see you have a goal of reading 18 books this year? I think you'll make that in no time at all.
    I'm so glad you liked this book, and the series too. I'm not a big fan of this genre, but I can appreciate that others really get into it. Thanks for reviewing this book today :)

  3. Hey Ceil, My reading goal is low this year because of changes happening. But you're right, I will probably exceed my goal. ;-) I thought in my later years I would have much more free time but find that I am actually pretty busy everyday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. {[hugs}}

  4. Excellent review, Anne! One of my goals this year is to read more of Ronie's books.


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