Friday, November 13, 2020

FREE Regency ~ Beauty and the Beast Retelling ~ Kindle Edition

Beauty and the Baron: A Regency Fairy Tale Retelling (Forever After Retellings Book 1) 

A penniless maid determined to save her father, a broken baron bent on isolation, and the undeniable draw between them that could lead to happiness—or disaster. 

Rose Sinclair has run out of options. With her father in prison and their bookshop sold to pay his debts, she has no choice but to turn to Henry Covington, the Baron Norcliffe. But the baron has more than earned his harsh reputation, and Rose must face his wrath in order to save her father—and herself.

Since the deaths of his parents, Henry Covington has isolated himself from society, ensuring the solitude of his estate with his deliberate callousness. However, when the beautiful Miss Sinclair appears on his doorstep, begging for a chance to repay her father's debt to him, a moment of weakness finds him offering her a position—as a maid in his own house.

They both soon learn that first impressions are not to be believed. Henry is surprised—and intrigued—by Rose's optimistic charm, while Rose slowly uncovers Henry's true self, his compassion concealed behind the pain of loss and betrayal. But when a shadow from Henry's past returns, their newfound hope is tested. They must decide for themselves who to trust and what they will risk for their happily ever after.  

Beauty and the Baron is a Regency retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It is a sweet/clean romance novella, and is Book 1 in a series of Regency retellings. The stories can be read in any order. 

Book 1: Beauty and the Baron by Joanna Barker

Book 2: The Captain and Miss Winter by Sally Britton

Book 3: The Steadfast Heart by Arlem Hawks


I loved this story so much when I read it back in July! 

hope those of you across the pond can get this book for free as well. :-)

 Have you read a good Regency lately? If so, drop a comment. 

You know I love to get book recommendations.  

~ Have a blessed day ~ 


  1. Thanks for the freebie recommendation!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Anne! Sounds like a wonderful story & the cover is a winner for sure!
    I just finished a good Regency tonight...The Vanishing at Loxby Manor!

    1. Ooooohhh...that sounds good! Makes me think of Robinhood. :-)


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