Friday, August 3, 2012

PicMonkey photo editing



What editing program do you use? 
Any tips for this newbie?

Images are mine. Please don't take them without asking. Not that anyone would want them. I'm just sayin'. 


  1. Hi: Your family is very handsome. I am going to try PicMonkey, love your editing. Have a great weekend. Martha

    1. Hey Martha,
      Thanks for coming by and commenting. Editing takes a long time and I just don't have that much spare time in my days, so it's really easy with PicMonkey, BUT some of the features they have that are free right now will eventually switch to paid services.
      Hoping you have a great weekend too :)

  2. Great job Anne...I love the pictures new look. My son just got home from a fishing trip in Alaska. He loves photograghy and took about 2000 pictures! Yep you read right...2000. He snapped everything and has some wonderful pictures. Ill have to tell him about picmonkey.

    And love mountain boys too.....we're country and mountains around here......handsome guys you have there!


    1. Hey Joy,
      Thanks for the encouragement. You know to get one good photo you have to take tons of them!

      We've enjoyed our day trips to the mountains immensely this summer :) I have so many photos that I'll never edit them all.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. I have so much fun with picmonkey! It's so easy. Just look at the great after shots you came up with!

  4. Nice editing. Those are good either treatment...originals are good composition to begin with.


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