Thursday, April 11, 2013

At Long Last...

the Finches have discovered the feeder! 

I used the Laundry Day Skies texture from Nancy Claeys. She designs some awesome free textures. Visit her website to find out how to get them in your inbox. 

It was perfect as this photo had no background. I didn't plan it that way but was just playing around with manual mode and voilà, there it was, a perfectly white background.

original photo

Now to just remember the settings when I actually want that to happen :)

Have you discovered something by accident that turned out to be a great thing?

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  1. The textured background adds a wonderful warm element to your photo! Love the birds. <3 U.

  2. The birds are so precious! And I love the background - how fun is that?!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Lovely editing!
    I wish the finches would find my feeder. They are late this year.

  4. Love your bird feeder and the birds. I need to get a bird feeder!

    The photo is really lovely, it looks like a painting!

  5. O alimentador é excelente para alimentar os pássaros e para fazer excelentes captações como a nos mostra.

  6. The texture really did change the photo. I love it, it does look like a painting.

  7. That is awesome - I love the texture and the edits. Unfortunately for me, most of the things I do is purely by accident (in your case this was good - in my case it's because I have no idea what I'm doing - then can't remember for the life of me what I did). This was a very happy accident, now go write it down :-)

  8. the texture looks so nice & perfect for that photo =)

  9. Lovely picture. The texture makes it look like a greeting card!

  10. Glad they have found your feeder♫ Lovely processing...My Rurality:

  11. How awesome that they have found it! They're such beautiful little birds.

  12. Such sweet little birds. I love watching them at our feeders too.


  13. A esperança vive em mim,
    amanhece comigo,
    percorre o dia todo
    e, quando anoitece, ela está ainda mais fortalecida
    Desejo a você
    que também tenha sempre a esperança,
    que ela permaneça sempre em seus pensamentos.
    Que as estrelas iluminem e guiem seus passos.
    Que Deus abençoe seu final de semana.
    Beijos no coração carinhos na Alma.

  14. Love that you feed the wild birds too, Thank you for sharing on 'Rurality Blog Hop #10!'

  15. I JUST said to my husband, 'look at the 6 yellow birds on the feeder!!' ... and literally 2 seconds later I was on your site.

    What a wonderful Sabbath morning treasure!



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