Sunday, September 13, 2015

{Sunday} Morning Worship & Praise

Words and music by Dawn Rodgers & Eric Wyse

Wonderful, merciful Savior,
Precious Redeemer, and Friend,
Who would have thought that a lamb could
Rescue the souls of men?
Oh, you rescue the souls of men.

Counselor, Comforter, Keeper,
Spirit we long to embrace;
You offer hope when our hearts have
Hopelessly lost the way,
Oh, we hopelessly lost the way.

        You are the One that we praise,
        You are the One we adore,
        You give the healing and grace
        Our hearts always hunger for;
        Oh, our hearts always hunger for.

Almighty, infinite Father,
Faithfully loving Your own;
Here in our weakness You find us
Falling before Your throne,
Oh, we’re falling before Your throne.
  © 1989 Word Music ASCAP & Dayspring Music BMI

~Blessed Sabbath~


  1. Hello dear friend. I loved reading this a day late but I still enjoyed it. Keep in touch Blessings. Roxy

    1. hey Roxy! I'll be making a post soon explaining the changes happening here. Hope you're doing well, my friend. {{hugs}}

  2. Hello Anne~ as I close for the evening my heart was blessed with this beautiful post.
    How thankful I am for my Savior who rescued my soul. I need Him every moment of the day.

    My prayers are with you dear Anne, as you must be one busy lady. Bless you

    Much love~ Debbie

    1. Oh Debbie, I am SO sorry I missed your comment! You are often in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much or your continued friendship. Love & hugs, my friend!!!

  3. Beautiful song and photo of the church! Thank you for sharing!


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