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Book Review ~ A Cowboy's Touch

Denise Hunter lives in Indiana with her husband Kevin and their three sons. In 1996, Denise began her first book, a Christian romance novel, writing while her children napped. Two years later it was published, and she's been writing ever since. Her books often contain a strong romantic element, and her husband Kevin says he provides all her romantic material, but Denise insists a good imagination helps too!

A Big Sky Romance: A Cowboy's Touch

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Abigail is just in Moose Creek, Montana for the summer to temporarily care for her great aunt. But a tender-hearted cowboy beckons her to stay.

Abigail Jones intends to spend just one summer in middle-of-nowhere Montana with her Aunt Lucy. Time away from her job is just what Abigail needs to reassess her life. The slow pace has her breathing deeply for the first time in years. And the majestic scenery encourages her to get reacquainted with herself . . . and God.

What she didn't count on was the handsome widowed cowboy who owns the ranch where her aunt lives. When the rancher loses his daughter's nanny, Abigail decides to lend a hand for the summer.
Wade Ryan can't help being attracted to Abigail. But he's given up everything to protect his daughter, and he's not about to risk it all on a pretty face.

Under Abigail's care, Wade's home and daughter thrive. And with Wade's touch, Abigail's heart feels at home at last. But Abigail knows this elusive rancher is hiding something. Will her own secrets separate her from the cowboy who finally captured her heart?

My Review:

For a first time foray into western romance Denise Hunter has done an outstanding job. There's humor and heartache, with just enough romance to warm the heart. But coming from such a gifted author this is not surprising!

In A Cowboy's Touch we meet Abigail, the quintessential independent young woman, who is an investigative reporter. She needs a "big" breaking news story to save her families newspaper.

Wade, a retired rodeo star who disappeared after a devastating and heartbreaking
experience, lives with misplaced guilt that is so heavy a burden he is afraid to open his heart to anyone but his daughter, Maddy.

There's a host of other minor characters, but my favorite of them all is Aunt Lucy. She's quirky, and has such a peaceful countenance. She reminds me of Aunt Clara from Bewitched. Just precious!

Through each of these characters Denise shows us how the decisions we make can have a positive or negative impact in our lives. We can either draw closer to God or push Him aside. How we deal with these decisions/experiences effects not only our own personal well being, but that of others. We are reminded of John 15:5 ~ I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

By the end of the book, Denise has taken us on a most satisfying journey of spiritual rediscovery.

If you're a Denise Hunter fan, you won't be disappointed! If this is your first time reading one of her books, you will want to read them all!

I received this book galley from Thomas Nelson, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Good job on the review! If you could a chance you could check out my thoughts too....

  2. Hi Sidney,
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, as well as becoming a follower. I toured your blog and I'm sure I can learn alot from your reviews!

  3. Martha,
    We have much in common! Nice to "meet" you here. I will comment further at your blog. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I liked this book but not my favorite by Denise. I LOVE her Nantuckeet Love Story series! Stop by again.

  5. Great Review Anne! This was my first book from Denise so I will have to check out others by her. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should start?

    So glad to have "met" you and appreciate your dropping by my blog :) Love to be blessed with new friends and especially those who love Jesus and reading! Truly a gift from the Lord

  6. Hey Loren!

    Thanks! I'm happy to have "met" you, too. I would start with Surrender Bay, her first in the Nantucket Series. You won't be disappointed! Although my favorite in that series is The Convenient Groom (2nd book) :) They're all contemporary and lots of fun.

  7. Nice review! This sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading.


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