Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Southern Comfort

Gotcha on the title, huh?

I'm a southern girl and I like my comfort, so my husband and I went in search of new bed linens. Since most of our almost 30 yrs of marriage we could never afford REALLY nice linens (what we think is really nice, anyway, which means they don't pill after washing, and if you don't know what pilling after washing is then you have never been short on cash) we decided to splurge (now that half our brood has flown the nest) and purchase some quality linens.

Off we went to the mall...the mall!!! You have to understand that going to the mall is a big deal for us. We live in the boonies and it takes us 35 to 45 minutes to get to a mall, in a really small town, not known for its diversity in shopping. JC Penney was a fail; not the color I wanted. Sears...fail again...same problem. Dillards...well...ok we don't make that much money!

So, there we stood pondering the dilemma. Then we thought about Sam's Club! Yes, we would go there. Low and behold they had JUST what I was looking for, and little did I know that my husband was planning on getting new pillows, too! So here's what we bought :)
These are my new Wamsutta 525 thread count Pima Sateen sheets. I'm in love :)

This is my new pillow (he got one, too). They're Serta Gel-Memory Foam Pillows...Suh-WEET!

Southern comfort every night ;)


  1. That is great!! So nice to have decent bed linens! :)

  2. I love the feel of new, clean sheets. Nice buy! :O)

  3. NOTHING better, than good quality sheets! I'm a real sheet snob, and when I travel a flat king size sheet always goes with me. It's large enough I can use it as a top & bottom sheet! enjoy, and sweet dreams!

  4. Oh how nice!! I have heard really good things about the Gel Memory Foam, give us an update in a few weeks/months on your thoughts ok!! :)


  5. I can tell y'all already that these pillows are heavenly! Both my husband and myself always woke up with achey necks and shoulders, but No More!!! We've had these now for a couple weeks now and I would recommend them. They were worth every penny :) And so were the sheets. They're so soft and wash up beautifully. I think we're going to go back and get a second set!

  6. There are sheets that don't pill? ;)

  7. Aaaahhhhh, nothing better than nice sheets and a comfy pillow! ZZZZZZzzzzz. The higher the thread count, the better the sheets, well worth EVERY penny paid for them. Hope you are sleeping like a baby again.

  8. I could love those sheets forever and ever. Are we sleeping good? I want sheets that don't pill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gel memory foam. Hmmm, hubby is going shopping this weekend. NO WAIT! I'll do it after I'm better. You should see the groceries he comes in with. :-)


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