Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman ~ Review

The last time I read an historical fiction book with Irish characters that made an impression on me was BJ Hoff's Emerald Ballad series. I was certain I would never again read a story that would embed itself in the recesses of my mind like that one...until now!

I won A Passion Most Pure months ago in a drawing at Overcoming Through Time-With God's Help. Yes, I am ashamed to say it really was months ago. In my confused mind, and I can only contribute the delay to that, I convinced myself I didn't have time to read it because I had other books that took priority.“Official” ones that I needed to read for review purposes. Well, let me say I will never delay again when I have one of Julie's books in my hands! She is the most passionate writer about Christ and His love for us that I have ever read!!!

In A Passion Most Pure, the complexity of characterization is phenomenal, the depth of spiritual and emotional insight extraordinary. I was so lost in this story that I finished it in 2 days. That's 477 pages of intense passion, and I don't mean just that kind of passion. These characters are Irish. Seriously Irish and seriously passionate about everything. A roller coaster ride of emotions - love, joy, anger, sorrow, love, hate, forgiveness, grief - did I mention love yet?

My mind is still reeling! I saw myself in so many ways, in so many of these characters. If you manage to read this book and it doesn't prompt you to pick up a bible, driving you to the feet of the One who loves you with the utmost passion, then you need to read this book again!

Thank you, Julie for your passion for God and communicating His love for us! I didn't have to write this review, but for those of you who have read Julie's books, you know you can't help BUT tell others how awesome they are! I know I didn't discuss the individual characters but to me the book is a whole unit and words are almost not enough :)

You can order your own copy at Amazon or CBD.


  1. OH, WOW, ANNE!!! You did it -- made my day AGAIN!! WHAT A PHENOMENAL REVIEW, my friend -- THANK YOU!! I am SO glad you won my book and SO blessed that you enjoyed it it enough to write a review. And, WOW, what a review, and you don't thing you're a writer???!! Trust me, you are!! You truly made my day and probably my week and month too! ;)


  2. Aw Julie, You made me cry! Thank you for such encouraging words. I'll just stick to reading what you write though :) It's WAAY better!

  3. Great review. You definitely whet my appetite! :O)

  4. I guess you'll be busy reading all of Julie's books for some time! But if you all finish them in 2 days you can read them all in about 2 weeks I guess! ;)

    Wonderful review Anne! I agree with Julie that you are an exellent writer! :)

  5. Diane, You need to read this book! I put it off, and put it off, and I wish I had NOT! It's that good :)

  6. If I didn't have anything else to do I would do just that, Marian! But my husband might object :) He was gone for the two days I read this one.

  7. Wow, Anne! I'm with Julie, that is one AWESOME review!! Now you know how the rest of us feel about her books. ;-) I'm SO GLAD you picked up your copy!

    And I know exactly what you mean...I felt the most connection to Faith, but was blown away by how much I also connected with Charity. Wow! Not something I was terribly eager to admit too. But it proves what a good write Julie is. Now you need the REST of the series!! :D

  8. Hi Casey! I'm honored you came by to leave me a comment :) I'm off to pick up the next book in the series today! My SIL owns a New/Used Christian bookstore and has a copy. Can you say yippee?!


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