Friday, November 1, 2013

Random 5 Friday

A Pair of Cardinals that live in my Fig bush

For some reason, I woke up thinking about my Granny this morning. 
Well, actually I was slathering lotion on my face after I woke up and it made me think of her. 

So, here's my Random 5 in memory of my Granny, who has been gone over 20 years.

1. My Granny used Jergen's lotion, Cherry Almond scent, every morning and evening.
I can still smell it on her soft cheeks and hands!
Oh, that would be because I just slathered some on my own face and hands :)

2. She loved all birds but her favorite bird was the Cardinal. 
She had a year long linen calendar hanging in her kitchen with one on it. 
Every morning she would walk around her front yard and feed the birds 
crumbled bread from a bread bag and would then sit on her front 
porch and watch them eat their fill. 

3. She always wore dresses. House dresses at home and Sunday-go-to-meeting dresses 
anytime she left the house. And high heels that were so pretty and shiny. 
She dressed 'to the nines' as my mom would always say. 
I loved to play dress up with her clothes and jewelry. 
In fact, I have a few lovely costume pieces that she wore.

4. Her favorite perfume, and honestly the only one I remember ever seeing 
on her vanity table, was Evening in Paris! Oh, to be able to have a bottle of that now. 
It was the BEST!!!

5. She loved Jesus! Every night she knelt by her bed and prayed. 
My first Bible was given to me by my Granny and I still have it. You know, one of those pretty ones with Jesus and the little children on the cover. It has such beautiful artwork in it too.

She was a lovely grandmother, inside and out. I miss her.

Do you ever have fond memories of a loved one pop into your head at the oddest times?

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  1. beautiful memories. special moments. ( :
    luv cardinals.

  2. You can still get Evening in Paris at The Vermont Country Store online --
    What a nice post about your memories of your grandmother. She sounds like such a great lady. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing memories of your "Granny.' Now she will be part of my story - a real Blessing and help . . .

    AND - your cardinals?? Awesome Beautiful!

  4. Sweet post ... awesome memories.
    I sooooooo love the cherry-almond scent of Jergen's!!!!!!

  5. Love the cardinal photo! My granddad always smelled of Noxema. Isn't that funny how we associate smells with people. So true. How sweet that your grandmother left you a heritage of faith in Jesus.

  6. I have always heard that when you have a cardinal at your feeder or in your yard, it is the spirit of a loved one who has passed. I choose to believe that! Still love the cherry-almond Jergen's scent......

  7. Oh now I am thinking of my Grandmother thank you it makes me happy. Our Grandmas had a lot in common. I miss her and I know you miss yours. I like this post. B

  8. I had a granny like this, my dad's mother, and my mother was just like daddy's mother.. they loved Evening in paris, and just last week i mentioned it in a blog and if you google you can still buy it online. but instead of a dollar a bottle it is 39 per bottle... my other grand mother was my favorite, she was just like me.... we were as different from your granny as night and day.... thanks for sharing your memories and making mine pop up

  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your Granny! I can almost smell her lotion!

  10. Love your Cardinals and your memories of your Granny.

  11. First let me say I could so feel the love you had for your Grandmother in this post. She sounded like a wonderful and grand lady. My Grandma wore, Tabu perfume and occasionally I find someone still wearing that scent and am reminded of my grandma who's been gone since 1988.
    Yes I do find myself thinking of my dad whenever I see a fly fisherman out in a stream or see trains (he loved model trains) or bake a pie and I recall his favorite saying about there only being one thing wrong with my dessert...there wasn't enough of it.! Memories are wonderful things and I enjoyed reading about your Grandma very much.

  12. Your granny sounds a lot like mine! Weren't we lucky?

  13. My grandmother has been gone now 37 years and I still miss her. She was a kind woman, too and I remember every knick and corner of her house. She loved cats and I think I may have picked that up from her. :) I had my first cup of tea with her sitting at her old wood-stove in her country kitchen. I think I was seven. These are nice memories and thanks for sharing yours. Deb

  14. Oh Anne, this was so precious to read about your Granny :) The second I saw the picture of the Cardinals I thought of my Grandma Betty because they were her favorite bird also....and then I read your post and it's about your Granny :) These memories were a joy to read and how blessed you are to have them, my friend.


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