Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Bee-utiful Mum

*My Tuesday Muse 
I had tossed this Chrysanthemum into the compost pile last winter because it looked hopeless. All shriveled and dry and brown, surely it was a goner. But early spring, it showed a touch of green in a wee tiny sprig that was still clinging to the dirt ball. So, I put that puppy back in the ground. I mean, what did I have to lose, right? 

With some water and sunshine and I'm sure a little heavenly touch, she blooms in glorious display! And the sight of that plant, that I thought was surely beyond restoring, brings so much hope and joy to my heart every time I gaze upon its beauty. It tells me my spring is coming. I will bloom again. This brittle period will pass because I am still clinging to the One who is my hope and restoration.

How are you doing today? 

*Normally I link to Tuesday Muse at A Rural Journal but it is on hiatus for the rest of the year. 

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm sure the chicken 'litter' had something to do with it :)

  2. What a beautiful flower and especially to see it now, when everything all around us is brown :) I was just talking to my mom in law yesterday about all the photos we took this summer, that we never got around to posting on our blogs. I'm so glad you did and I think we should now too. It's nice to see something so vibrant from time to time through these cold, dry months. Thank you for sharing, it just brightened my day!

    It is very windy and cold here today. Those tumbleweeds are sure rolling by! My mom and law and I thought about hitting a few antique stores today, but with this storm coming in, I don't know if we should venture out or not.

    I hope you have a wonderful day Anne!


    1. I love seeing photographs of the seasons at any time. These are blooming right now and I will be sad to see them die out again. They're so bright and happy :)

      I don't venture out in storm's but antiquing would tempt me. I hope y'all find some keeper treasures! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. zo zie je maar het komt allemaal goed.

  4. Beautiful Anne! Like you! I am always amazed when something new springs forth from the compost pile. We enjoyed a sweet cantaloupe this summer from our pile and it looked like a raccoon may have beat us to a second there. They also enjoy the surprises that pop up in our compost pile. We had volunteer green peppers, chili peppers and three kinds of tomatoes this year as well. I am always amazed by the cycle of life/death/life that happens around us without lifting a finger sometimes. God is so good. Praying you are coming around with healing and finding some peace in this season of rest.

  5. Lovely photo!
    May God bless you

  6. It's so encouraging to see how flowers hang on even when we have given up on them. Great post and a wonderful photo.


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