Friday, November 29, 2013


I sure hope y'all had some leftovers to enjoy after Thanksgiving. Aren't they the best?
I know I was thrilled we had some turkey left over so I could make a sandwich. 
And nothing says Turkey Sandwich like *Duke's!

Being from the south, there is only one mayonnaise worth using, and it is *Duke's
Smooth & Creamy, just like the label says.

Oh, and that lovely Rooster in the background is the pepper part of a salt & pepper shaker set my sweet friend, Faith, brought me the other day when she came for tea. I'll have to take a photo of the set, along with an amazing serving platter she gave me too, and post them!  

What's your favorite leftover? Any special way you prepare it?

Disclaimer: I'm not a food photographer so don't let my photo 
deter you from trying *Duke's Mayo J

*Nope, I didn't receive any monetary compensation for this post. 
I just love Duke's mayo. But if they want to send me some money, I won't say no ;)

: : :


  1. of course I've never tasted Duke's but when I moved from N America I used to long for Hellman's my Husband makes ours. I love the rooster and would like to see the pair.

    1. Hi Lynn, Homemade mayo...YUM!!! I'll be working on some photos this week, I hope :)

  2. Hi Anne, we had a lot left over for the next day and it was so good. I still have turkey left over and we all are getting tired of it now. I hate throwing out food. Take care and have a great week. Julie at

    1. We had a lot of leftovers too but managed to eat most of them which makes me not feel so bad about what has to go in the trash :)

  3. Anne, I want you to know that I just found some Duke's here in North Alabama. And it's just because of a comment from you from a few months back. I'm sure it's been here all along, but I always zero in on the Kraft Real Mayo. Haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know how we like it. lol


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