Thursday, November 21, 2013

Soybean Harvest

Orison Swett Marden 

 Our neighbor rented his fields this year to a neighboring soybean farmer. Watching them grow through the seasons was delightful. In summer, they were so green and full but there was something equally pleasing about their change in autumn. I thought they were beautiful with the sun highlighting their fuzzy pods at harvest time.

A Gleaner Combine is used to reap the harvest.
As soon as we heard it start up, the windows were quickly closed because it makes a dust cloud that chokes the breath from your lungs. It's a good thing it has an enclosed cab for the farmer! 

Now the fields look bare but they have already planted them with winter wheat and fertilized them with chicken manure. I look forward to seeing a lush green field in the colorless and cold days of winter. You know I will take photos :)

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*Thank you for all the prayers and best wishes about my back. With lots of rest, heat and ice, and a doctor visit, it is well on its way to getting better. No more spasms and not nearly as much pain. I may not be back to a full blogging schedule for a while but I am working on it.

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  1. I have often wondered what soya beans look like!
    Your ornament is on its way to you, hope it arrives safely.

  2. prachtige foto,s ja dat oogsten geeft heel veel stof.

  3. I love that quote a lot. & your pictures! Thanks for sharing & blessings to you.


  4. Watching the changes of a bean field helps keep you focused on the change of seasons for sure♪♫ Have a wonder filled week!

  5. Anne, I enjoy seeing the crops around here all year long too. No matter what season and stage they are in, it is fun to see.

  6. Thank you for coming by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #41!


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