Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mountain Getaway ~ Rural Thursday

I was desperate. This past weekend marked 4 weeks since my firstborn and oldest daughter, Amy, passed away and I honestly felt like I was going to burst if I didn't get away. My husband agreed to head out, so off we packed our boys to their other sister's home, and up into the mountains we went! 

 Clear skies, cool breeze...and freedom. 
My heart was soaring as I gazed out on God's beauty, and I praised Him for His glorious work of creation!

Our first stop along the parkway was Brown Mountain.



They say there are mysterious lights out there at night.
We're going to take our boys there soon in hopes of seeing them!
(the lights, not the boys...hehe)

Then we took ourselves to Linville Falls.
We hadn't been in years and really couldn't remember what they looked like.

The trail to the falls was really something. So quiet and peaceful.
Tranquility that was desperately needed!

The boulders and roots are fascinating to study. Pictures just don't so them justice. 
At least mine don't ;)

Narrow passageway to get down there...

And this is Linville Falls...uh...not what we expected but lovely all the same!

I loved hearing the water roar around the rocks! 

It really was moving fast!

Sadly, something is killing a certain species of pine tree :(

I just love this!

What is that?!

A tree growing right out of a rock!
Cool, huh?

I want to climb to the top!

We also visited Linville Caverns  and Little Switzerland. 
Not too many photos came out very well in the caverns,
but we had a restful day and that's all that matters! 
I'll post more photos later. My camera ran out of memory so we had to use cell phones. 
I don't have those downloaded yet.

Thanks for visiting!

Images are mine. Please don't take them without asking. Not that anyone would want them. I'm just sayin'. 

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  1. Lots of beautiful pics. I'm glad you found some comfort in a trip away.

  2. What a beautiful getaway for you. I can see where this would soothe the soul. Blessings!!

  3. Wow Anne these are awesome pictures. We use to go here about every year, but its been several years since we've taken the trip. This makes me homesick! Hopefully we will get up there this year. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, Anne. I'm sure this trip helped to ease your pain.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xoxo

  5. Anne, I am touched by your peaceful spirit as you walk through your grief - and as expressed here - in the sublime presence of God in Creation. May you continue to know His comforts in all good things and beauty.

  6. Thanks! I am blessed to live near such beautiful areas and look forward to many more mountain visits this summer :)

    Hope ALL y'all (yes, so southern of me) have a blessed week!!!

  7. Hi Anne! Your photos reflect the beauty and the peace of our Lord! I'm glad you found time to get away and reflect on God's goodness. During your time of sorrow, He is always near! Peace and comfort to you and family. xoxox Suzy

    1. I thought of you and our trip to South Mtn years ago. We need to do that again, under better circumstances! ♥u

  8. I am truly sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. Thankfully you and your hubby were able to enjoy the beauty of nature in God's presence on your hike. xo


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