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The Chase by DiAnn Mills ~ Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

The Chase: A Novel by DiAnn Mills

Based on a real-life cold case, The Chase, by bestselling author DiAnn Mills, teams novelist and former news-anchor Kariss Walker with FBI Special Agent Tigo Harris as they reopen an unsolved crime case and discover more than they bargained for. Will Kariss’s pursuit of her dream as a suspense writer come at a deadly cost? Join in The Chase and find out.

The Chase by DiAnn Mills – Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

I was not ready for this story to end; what a good book! Honestly at first, I felt a little cautious; but it did not take very long for me to be caught hook, line and sinker into a fabulous story. Like the wonderful suspense author that she is, Mills had quietly and skillfully reeled me into the lives of two incredible characters.

Kariss Walker, former TV news anchor and bestselling author, abruptly re-directs her writing career to pursue an unsolved mystery that she covered as a news anchor. Five years previous, an unidentified little girl was found starved to death behind a Houston apartment complex. Kariss becomes determined to convince the local authorities to re-open the case and allow her to seek justice on behalf of the unnamed child; using her research and observations as the story line for a suspense novel.

FBI Special Agent Tigo Harris, an aggressive justice-seeker himself, is thoroughly submerged into high level gun smuggling/gang warfare cases through-out the city of Houston. Tigo treats Kariss’s assignment to him as an unwelcome addition to his already heavy and dangerous case load. Combine Harris’s no-nonsense approach to crime solving with a highly imaginative, child –advocate-writer and the sparks are destined to fly.

Through Kariss’s dogged determination, the cold case begins to take on a life of its own. The murdered child is identified and her father comes to Houston to assist in the search to find his ex-wife who was in-part responsible for his daughter’s death. As Tigo and his partner, Ryan, get closer to apprehending a heinous group of smugglers and their cooperatives, the two cases become curiously intertwined. Kariss innocently thwarts an undercover operation; nearly getting herself killed and potentially blowing Tigo’s undercover identity. As a result, the two end up directly in the sights of a group of cold hearted killers.

This is definitely a “love comes softly” romance of characters and that approach absolutely fits this book. Both Walker and Harris have issues in their past that have greatly affected who they are in the present. As Kariss and Tigo learn how to respect each other’s strengths, they are amazed to realize that they can also absorb each other’s weaknesses; a tender, budding friendship begins to form and their mutual respect strengthens into the makings of a fragile, but undeclared love.

When Kariss is convinced that her life is going to be cut short, she is re-introduced to the God who is “mighty to save” and allows her heart to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I loved the way Mills depicted a “changed” Kariss. Her perspective was different, the use of her time was different, her conversations, her motivations; even her countenance was a display of a person made new.

Regretfully, or not, at the end of this particular book, Tigo remains respectfully curious about this God whom his partner, his mother, and now Kariss, have so faithfully embraced. He says to Kariss and Ryan, “One of these days I will look into the God thing”. But isn’t Tigo’s journey towards faith typical of many people we all know? God is something that they will think about “tomorrow”. The author is obviously showing an honest and realistic contrast; God moves in the hearts of individuals in His own time and place; we can’t wish it or rush it.

If only this book could have been twice as long! But then, what are sequels for? According to the author, Book 2 of the Crime Scene Houston series will be available in March 2013. Mark that date on your calendars!

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The Chase: A Novel by DiAnn Mills
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  1. Thanks for the great review. The Survivor, book 2, is a feb 22 release!

  2. Hi DiAnn,

    Thanks so much for coming by! Rebecca and I will be looking forward to Book 2 :) Have a great week!

    Blessings ~Anne


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