Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beautiful China Tea Cup ~ Tea Cup Tuesday

I found this pretty tea cup at the Flea Market.

I don't know what the Chinese writing is. Maybe the pattern?

Gold trim and a dainty floral pattern cascades around the rim with some pretty detail on the side. 

On Sunday, I met a very sweet lady at the visitor's center in Marion, NC named Diane. She is from New Hampshire and into all things tea. In the past, she has taught how to host a tea party and is an avid collector of teacups and teapots. Diane was wearing the most adorable teapot pendant on a chain. I asked her if I could take a photo so here is her beautiful teapot pendant!

My daughter told ma about a cool online photo editing program called PicMonkey, so I've been having fun playing around, as you can see...

That's it for this week. I'm hit & miss with my posting but I'm having fun learning about china from everyone else who posts on the Teacup Link-ups. If you have a love for all things tea & china, hop on over and see all the exquisite tables that the ladies set!

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Images are mine. Please don't take them without asking. Not that anyone would want them. I'm just sayin'. 


  1. Hello Anne,
    You found yourself a pretty teacup. Don't you just love it when you find something that you love? Your friend's teapot pendant is very cute. I like PicMonkey and I've been using it ever since the other program closed down. Thank you for coming to tea today and sharing your new cup with us. Have a lovely rest of the week.


  2. That's such a pretty teacup. Isn't it neat when you come across a keeper??? I love the teapot necklace! I have one that I got at the Empress in Victoria that I love! Picmonkey is pretty fun...I just haven't spent much time learning it. Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. What a beautiful tea cup! The teapot pendant is lovely. I've never heard of PicMonkey, so I'll have to check that out. Have a great week! ~Michelle

  4. Hi Anne. Thanks so much for visiting my tea time. That is a pretty teacup you found. The pendant is sweet and I like how you edited the photos of it. Have a great day! Pamela


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