Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Welcome to Random 5 Friday -- where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!

1. Smudge knows a good deal when she sees one. ;)

2. We're supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow next week. It is spring in NC, right?!

3. I love quotes. Especially book quotes. This one is so true for me right now. 

“So many books, so little time.” 

4. A sort of cool thing happened a couple months ago. A clip from one of my reviews was used in a press release for an author's second book in a new series.

5. Note to self: Quiche does not keep overnight without the crust becoming slightly soggy and gross. I did not know this. Next time I will try a crustless quiche. 
But then, wouldn't that just be a casserole? 

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  1. You're right! Snow has no business making an appearance in NC this late in March {nor in KY but we're not set to get any}. I love the name 'Smudge' for your cat. We have a neighborhood cat whose daily route takes him through our yard. My granddaughter has christened her 'Snow'.

    1. Smudge started out with the name Snow. My husband changed it due to the 'smudge' on top of her head :)

  2. Smudge is a sweetie! I love her little paw on the computer keyboard. :-)

    We're supposed to get a bit of snow and cold here, too. Spring hasn't quite taken up residence.

    Love that quote--it's so true for me too!

  3. The first cat we owned was named Smudge, but she was black. We're not sure it's spring here in middle Missouri either based on the temps this weekend. Congrats on your comment being picked up in the release! I agree 100% with your quote.
    Visiting from R5F

  4. haha smudge is adorable! how cool about your review being used!! ha, i think you might be right about the crustless quiche being a casserole! have a great weekend :)

  5. Cute graphic!
    We may get snow too!

  6. Ah, your kitty is adorable! I love the book quote - and so true. Crustless quiche? Yeah that sounds like a casserole - but very likely a yummy one.

  7. Crustless quiches are great. We have two favorites that I make all the time. Definitely avoids the soggy problem.

  8. Is Smudge going to start reviewing books as well? :) Such a cute capture.

  9. Your Smudge is just too cute! You can post pictures of her anytime :) Thanks for the tip on the quiche...I'm not sure if I would have realized that the crust will get soggy overnight.

    Happy Monday, my friend! xo


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