Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Welcome to Random 5 Friday -- where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!

1. This was an AWESOME sight! These choppers went over our house a few weeks ago. I had to hurry and get my camera so the picture isn't good but they literally were so low our windows rattled and walls shook! I tried to zoom in and get a clearer shot but didn't manage it. My son said they looked like Black Hawks refueling. Then they did it again after dark. It was pretty cool and scary at the same time.

2. My new glasses came in. First time with progressive lenses. My husband assures me I will get used to them but I don't know. They are so different from line bifocals.

3. My cat is driving me crazy. She will not stay off the counters and stove. I find little kitty prints all over in the mornings and have to completely sanitize them. I really don't want to lock her int he laundry room at night. She enjoys hopping on the bed and sleeping with us at night but...

4. Our chickens are going crazy laying eggs; at least 18 a day! But one of our Barred Rocks that was laying the biggest eggs we have ever seen in 14 years of chicken keeping (always streaked with blood on the outside and huge double yolks inside) is no longer with us. I think her poor little body couldn't take the stress and she died. :(

5. Here's to hoping we manage to screen in our porch this spring. I saw a cute little patio set at Home Depot but refuse to buy it until the project is finished. And I want a swing bed out there. Those are so cool. If you haven't seen one, look them up on Pinterest!

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  1. I am nearing the bifocal stage quickly and not happy about it.

  2. I wear progressives and love them, though they do take a little getting used to. Your shot of the helicopters is awesome! What a cool thing to watch! A screened porch would be fun - I hope you get that he porch furniture soon. Best of luck with your kitty - they tend to do what they want to do - but they're so darned cute.

  3. I can sympathize with the counters, I haven't been able to train my dog to stay off yet either. So frustrating. Our chickies are also back in the egg laying, and it give me hope spring really will come again! What exactly was flying by your house? What a sight!

  4. Wonderful photo! The whole house shakes when they're having low-flying practice over us! We shut Molly-cat in the living room at night - only way to preserve clean counters in the kitchen :)
    Great Random 5 and have a fun weekend!

  5. I wear progressives and I love them. It does take a while to get used to them. Fun photo of the helicopters. I have a kitty who refuses to get off the counter-tops. She gets so excited when the food appears. She was a street kitty raising 5 kittens when she was found and taken to a No Kill shelter. She's adorable, but a little IMP when it comes to food. Hope you get your screened porch. Happy Friday!

  6. What an awesome sight that must have been Anne! Like your own little air show.
    So sorry about your barred rock. They are the best layers, ain't? :)
    About the cats -- have you tried sprinkling pepper on the surfaces? It seemed to cure ours from misbehaving. xo

  7. Anne,
    I bet the choppers were a cool sight. Glad you grabbed your camera.

    I broke my glasses beyond repair last Saturday. I got an eye appointment for tomorrow. Maybe I will have new glasses soon too. I have progressives; you will adjust and see just fine.

    My hens went to laying too. I am getting 5-7 eggs a day. I have 16 hens; half are really old and they other half are coming on 2. That is plenty of eggs for me and I have a few to share or sell.

    Have fun working on your porch project.

  8. oh that picute is awesome! we've had a lot of activity over our house lately too...i wonder what's up?

    1. i meant "picture" not "picute"...where did that come from?!

  9. Cool refueling photo! and I understand not wanting to buy the patio furniture until the existing project is done. We just did a new paver patio out back, and will be getting some furniture for this spring. Ultimate goal is to build a roof over the patio, but not screen it in.

    Happy R5F!

  10. Oh wow, what an amazing sight! We live right by an airport and have had these come in and I am amazed at the power!

    18 eggs a day?! Whoa! :) Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs

  11. A cool shot ... a neat reminder of how blessed we are to be protected ...

  12. Great photo of the choppers! The first time I put on my progressive lenses, I was so nauseated I thought I would throw up. My eye doc said that's pretty "normal" for the first few days.

  13. Hi Anne! Poor little chicken.. Well, she did her job extraordinarily well didn't she! I hope you get your porch screened in. I have one and I love it. No bugs, but lots of breezes in the summer and fall too.

    Those helicopters look like they mean business! I can see why you were intimidated. I would be too!
    Happy Weekend :0

  14. I have the progressive lenses and really like them. Looked up swing bed; like the ones made from pallets. Questions: what do you do with the mattress when it rains?

  15. That is a cool photo! I will soon be getting some progressive lenses. A friend told me that they were strange, but I need some! lol

  16. You got a great shot of those choppers. I work near an air base and I can imagine the sound and shaking! Good luck with your new glasses!

  17. Cool photo. We have helicopters flying over our house every now and then during the evening. There is an army base north of us.
    Have you tried laying aluminum foil on the counters to keep the cat off? I heard someone say they did it and the noise scares the cat. It took a while but it worked, the cat no longer jumped on the counter. I was also thinking maybe sticky tape might work too because cats don't like things stuck on their feet.
    Karen G.

  18. Great shot, Anne! The plans for your screened in porch sound divine! Despite living in south Texas, where it is usually warm, I'm getting cabin fever! It's been so cold this winter, and now the rains are here. But we need the rain, so no whining. But I can't wait to get out into the sunshine! I noticed we share the same "one word" - seems we share a love of books and cats as well. Although mine is of the outdoor variety. I'm a bit of a germ freak. Enjoyed your post and your pic - have a blessed week!

  19. Okay! I need a swing bed. That just sounds fabulous. Your photography skills have grown by leaps and bounds. WOW. So proud of you. I'm wondering what the cuts to our defense will do to our country. *sigh*

    How is Coan? Tell him Ivy and I were talking about him this morning (all good). :-)

  20. What a great shot. That must have been a sight! Sounds like you have a lot going on. Thanks again for stopping by to see Robyn's interview. She is a peach. :)

    Have a great week!


  21. oh, wow .. what a great helicopter shot ... super cool that you captured it!! i have a friend who tells me such crazy cat stories - they hop on her during her sleep. i can't imagine - i would have a heart attack. enjoy the new glasses - hope they will grow on you soon. enjoy your week!! ( :

  22. I'm really pretty frightened when more than one helicopter flies over. We had this one last summer that was carrying some kind of basket. Never did figure out what it was, but it was interesting. And weird.


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